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<p>In 2009, <span class="text-color-green">I founded the flat fee recruitment industry</span> with Recruitment Genius.</p>

<p><span class="text-color-green">It became incredible successful</span> – helping over 11,500 UK companies advertise over 130,000 jobs.</p>

<p><span class="text-color-green">We won many prestigious awards</span> along the way.</p>

We kept innovating and developing new features, with the best intention of helping customers.

Sadly, this meant we also had to increase our price to cover IT development costs.

Frustratingly, we found few customers used the new features! At first we thought our product design was at fault, so we tweaked it to make improvements. When that didn't work we focused on better customer onboarding, but that still didn't help!

When speaking to a customer in Summer 2023 I had an epiphany!

<p><span class="text-color-green">Most customers don’t need an applicant tracking system </span>because they’d hardly use many features.</p>

<p><span class="text-color-green">An inbox is perfect solution </span>to receive an manage CVs. </p>

<p>So Starget was born. To provide a <span class="text-color-green">simpler and cheaper way to advertise jobs. </span></p>

<p>And at <span class="text-color-green">just  £199 per advert</span>, we’re the same price we started with in 2009.</p>

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