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We paid over £1,000,000 to learn these lessons

Everything we do at Starget has one goal, to get your great applicants!

It’s a combination of writing persuasive job adverts that capture a job seekers attention.

Combined with advertising on loads of the UK’s best job boards so your advert gets seen my more job seekers.

Our Great Recruitment system includes a war chest of proven strategies and tactics that most don’t even know exist.

For example we discovered...
  • How many words to include in a job advert. This is especially important when so many job seekers are using mobile devices.
  • Why readability is SO important to persuading applicants. This includes understanding why certain sentences are difficult to understand.
  • The importance of the right advert title. Not only to ensure your advert can be found, but be found by the right job seekers.
  • Why it isn’t always right to advertise your precise location. It all depends on commuting links and population size.
  • Why the first few words of a job advert can massively impact job views.
  • How a tweak the format and headings to generate more applications.
  • Why listing the right benefits increases response by an average of 12%.
  • The importance of the right call-to-action that encourages more applications.
  • Why some job sites are better than others.
  • When is the best time of the day and week to publish a job.
We literally wrote the book on...

The secrets of great recruitment

The Secrets of Great Recruitment is a top-seller. It is easy to read and wastes no time in giving powerful actionable strategies you can use straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can employ everyone at no extra cost.

Every applicant who applies will be available in your dedicated applicant tracking system. From here you can download and forward applications.

We do not provide a range or minimum number of applicants because it is dependent on so many factors such as: market factors; salary and benefits offered; geographical location; seasonality. However, many employers are pragmatic and know the number of applicants they receive is purely a reflection of these factors.

Be careful of suppliers who promise a minimum number of applicants, some share applicants who applied to other jobs to meet the minimum requirement and it may not be a good indication of quality.

For the avoidance of doubt, we never share your applicants with anyone else.

We do not offer a refund but equally don’t like customers to leave unhappy. Therefore, please speak with us and we will try to help.

Generally the job boards do not allow a job advert to be changed once it is live because of concerns you are attempting to fill multiple jobs within a single advert. However, please speak with us and we will try to help if possible.

Employer branding is not included as standard and we strongly do not recommend it. However, if this is essential please speak to us and we will attempt to accommodate your request.

Your job advert will not automatically be re-advertised or recharged unless you specifically ask us to. In which case we offer bulk deals that make our service even better value.

We charge a fixed-price of £299 or even less for bulk deals.

If you want your advert to be included on a job board not included in our standard collection, please contact us to see if we can include it or get preferential rates.

Your advert will typically be live for 28 days or longer.

Be careful, some competitors offer a 28 days “campaign” which may include a seven day listing on one site, another seven day listing on another site and so on until 28 days has elapsed.

Your adverts will typically be live for a full 28 days or longer on the following Major Job Boards:

  • Reed
  • TotalJobs
  • Jobsite
  • Careerbuilder
  • Adzuna
  • LinkedIn – Free posting
  • Rated Recruitment
  • TipTopJob
  • Indeed (£99.00 add-on)
  • The Guardian (£149.00 add-on)

We are partnered with Specialist Niche Boards industry wide which are also inclusive as you require:

  • Admin/HR/Recruitment – Simply HR/Careers in Recruitment/The Guardian
  • Marketing – Simply Marketing/Marketing Week
  • Engineering – TheEngineer/Just Engineers/TechnoJobs
  • Sales – Simply Sales
  • Retail – Retail Choice
  • IT – Techno Jobs
  • Healthcare – JobMedic/Emed Careers
  • Insurance – Insurance Jobs
  • Accounts/Finance – CityJobs/GAPWEB
  • Legal – Simply Law
  • Construction – Careerstructure