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Why tolerate bad recruitment advertising?

<p><span class="text-color-green">Does this sound familiar?:</span></p>

  • Don't know how to write a compelling job advert.
  • Can't afford to advertise on lots of job sites.
  • Inevitably get a poor response.
  • Forced to recruit mediocre candidates.
  • Constant interruptions from salespeople and applicants.
  • Bad recruitment advertising means your business is suffering.

<p><span class="text-color-green">You can have the great candidates you deserve.</span></p>

We help you attract great candidates simply, and cheaply

We understand how <span class="text-color-green"recruitment can be frustrating and disappointing</span> if you don’t find great applicants. It’s <span class="text-color-green">so much hassle and often overwhelming</span> when you’ve got so much to do. <span class="text-color-green">Everyone suffers</span>: the business, the team, and yourself.

Fortunately our <span class="text-color-green">award-winning</span> business has <span class="text-color-green">helped over 11,500 UK companies to fill over 132,000 jobs</span>. Our <span class="text-color-green">clients include thousands of SMEs and well-known brands</span> such as Tesco, Shell, Sony, NHS, Amazon, and Specsavers.

Our service has worked in almost <span class="text-color-green">every sector</span>, at <span class="text-color-green">all levels of seniority</span>, and <span class="text-color-green">across the UK</span>. 

And we can’t wait to help you.

What you can expect from us

Appealing job adverts written for you

Using our <span class="text-color-green">unique and proven formula</span>, you'll <span class="text-color-green">get more quality applications</span>.

Advertise on all the UK's best job sites far cheaper

You'll <span class="text-color-green">get even more quality applicants</span>, which <span class="text-color-green">gives you more choice</span>, and <span class="text-color-green">great value</span>.

Quickly and simply receive your applications

<span class="text-color-green">Receive your applications by email</span>, so you <span class="text-color-green">avoid the hassle of learning a new system</span>.

Hire with confidence

Follow our <span class="text-color-green">recruitment advice</span>, to <span class="text-color-green">save time</span>, and <span class="text-color-green">avoid common mistakes</span>.

Thousands of Companies Recruit Using Starget

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The Starget Success System

Step 1: Schedule your free consultation

We'll discuss your needs and you can decide whether we're a good fit.

Step 2: We advertise your job

We’ll write a compelling job advert, publish it on all the UK's best job sites, hand filter to exclude the blatantly unsuitable, and email you all your applications, making it easy and convenient.

Funneling applicants
3. We intelligently filter your applicants.

Switch on our automated filtering system for better results. It saves you time by excluding applicants who would have to commute too far, or who don’t meet your minimum requirements.

3. We email your applicants.

All applications are sent to your inbox. There is no system to login to, no software training or adapting the way you work. Everything is just safely stored in something you already know and trust, your inbox.

Interview and hire the right people
Step 3: You decide who to hire

Finally, just interview and hire the right person for the job.

advertise a job

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Professionally written job advert: Attract more quality applicants, so you can be confident that you're not missing out on great applicants.
  • Advertise on all the UK's best job sites: Attract even more quality applicants far cheaper, increasing your chance of filling the job without overspending.
  • Advertise for 14 or 28 days: Fits your budget and requirements, giving you flexibility and control.
  • Advertise anonymously: Avoid unwanted sales calls and interruptions, making you more productive. Or..
  • Company branded adverts (optional): Ideal for well-known and reputable brands that can benefit from brand recognition and are comfortable with the additional costs.
  • Receive applications by email: Quickly access CVs using software you're comfortable and familiar with, avoiding the frustration of learning a new system or changing your recruitment process.
  • Effective recruitment advice: Make your recruitment process more efficient and effective. Saving you time, avoiding mistakes, and boosting confidence in your hiring choices.
  • Pay as you go service: Simple, flexible, and without long-term commitment. Giving you freedom and control.
  • Money back guarantee: Have peace of mind to try our service risk free.
  • Dedicated account manager: Call or email an expert who understands your needs and challenges, for a smooth and reassuring service.
Illustration of job applications being viewable on an applicant tracking system
Recruiting for the UK's best companies...

Think advertising a job is easy? Did you know…

Recruitment advertising usually fails
because of bad job adverts and/or not advertising on enough job sites.

This is why we're successful
: we use a unique, proven formula to write compelling job adverts and publish them on all the UK's top job sites.

With so much experience, we just make it look easy!

Will this work for my specific job?

Are jobseekers you want using job sites? Very likely. We’ve got a great chance of attracting them by advertising on all the UK's best job sites.

Having successfully worked on over 132,000 jobs, across almost every sector and level of seniority, you can be confident in our experience.
We literally wrote the book on...

The secrets of great recruitment

The Secrets of Great Recruitment is a top-seller. It is easy to read and wastes no time in giving powerful actionable strategies you can use straight away.

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