Corporate Culture

What is Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture is a set of shared values and norms that shape the attitudes and behaviours of employees within an organisation. It plays a pivotal role in various aspects of the employee experience, including talent attraction, onboarding, and retention. A robust corporate culture influences hiring decisions, promotions, and even employee departures.

How to Enhance Corporate Culture

Defining Values and Norms

It's crucial to articulate your organisation's values and norms if you haven't already. Utilise surveys, focus groups, and leadership discussions to gain insights into the existing culture and identify areas for improvement.

Talent Attraction

Promote your corporate culture through external platforms such as job descriptions and career websites. Incorporate your values into interview questions to assess candidates for cultural alignment.

Onboarding Process

Leverage onboarding sessions to reinforce your corporate culture. Managers should allocate time to discuss the organisational culture with new hires. Consider assigning an 'onboarding buddy' to answer any culture-related queries.

Employee Recognition

Create avenues for employees to be acknowledged for their contributions to the corporate culture. This could range from a dedicated Slack channel for peer recognition to more formal award ceremonies.

Cross-Team Communication

A cohesive corporate culture should permeate across teams and departments. Encourage cross-team interactions through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), interest-based clubs, and social activities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

If DE&I is a priority, integrate these values into your corporate culture. Establish a DE&I committee, sponsor ERGs, and standardise promotion and salary processes to foster inclusion.