Recruitment advertising with guaranteed results or your money back.

No, we haven't lost the plot. And yes, we're putting it in writing. Read on to find out more about this offer...

Our simple money back guarantee means if you’re not happy with the applications within the first 30 days, simply contact us for a full refund.

Does our money back guarantee interest you?

Because this is not for everyone.

There are five important factors that must exist.


This offer is for new customers only. We’ve already proven ourselves to existing customers.


You must have paid full price. If you've got a discount, you've already got a great deal! So please decide whether you want to pay full price, or get a guarantee.


You must let us write your job advert that we think will get a response. As we’re taking all the risk, except for fact checking and legal approval, we hold full creative control on the advert. Because if that job advert isn’t ours, we can’t guarantee results.


The job should not for anything shady or unrealistic. Illegal, scammy, commission-only, multi-level marketing, training.


The job should be permanent and in the UK. We can’t guarantee temporary, contract, freelance or any jobs overseas.


We’ve got to be confident you know how to recruit. If we don’t think you’re following a good recruitment process, we can’t take the risk.

Do you meet the above guidelines? (If not we will still try to help you).

Start by advertising a job.

How on earth can we guarantee results?

It’s very simple.

We’re willing and able to guarantee results because of our unique proven approach.

Everything we do at Starget has one goal, to get your great applicants.

We don’t get paid if we don’t.

It’s a combination of writing persuasive job adverts that capture a job seekers attention.

Combined with advertising on loads of the UK’s best job boards so your advert gets seen by more job seekers.

Our Great Recruitment system includes a war chest of proven strategies and tactics that most don’t even know exist.

For example we discovered...
  • How many words to include in a job advert. This is especially important when so many job seekers are using mobile devices.
  • Why readability is SO important to persuading applicants. This includes understanding why certain sentences are difficult to understand.
  • The importance of the right advert title. Not only to ensure your advert can be found, but be found by the right job seekers.
  • Why it isn’t always right to advertise your precise location. It all depends on commuting links and population size.
  • Why the first few words of a job advert can massively impact job views.
  • How a tweak the format and headings to generate more applications.
  • Why listing the right benefits increases response by an average of 12%.
  • The importance of the right call-to-action that encourages more applications.
  • Why some job sites are better than others.
  • When is the best time of the day and week to publish a job.

Beware of scumbags offering poor guarantees.

There are con artists in almost every industry, and flat fee recruitment is no exception.

Some may try to sucker you in seemingly amazing guarantees.

If they guarantee a minimum number of applicants, run!

They’ll likely send you fake applicants, or those from another employer.

(We never share your applicants with anyone else).

Recruitment is hard.

You can’t manufacture people, and we can’t force them to work for you.

But, with a lot of experience, we know the likelihood of success, and that why we offer a genuine money-back guarantee.