Inclusive Hiring

What is Inclusive Hiring?

Inclusive hiring is a comprehensive approach aimed at minimising bias and ensuring equitable opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds. This involves multiple strategies, such as:

  • Crafting job descriptions and inclusivity statements that encourage a wide range of applicants.
  • Implementing a structured hiring process where all candidates are assessed based on the same criteria.
  • Anonymising resumes to remove details like names and educational backgrounds.
  • Utilising bias-reduction techniques within the hiring team's decision-making process.
  • Focusing on 'culture add' rather than 'culture fit' during the screening process.
  • Making candidates feel at ease by asking for their preferred pronouns and name pronunciation.
  • Upholding a non-negotiable offer process to avoid disadvantaging historically under-represented groups.
  • Promoting an inclusive approach to employee referrals.

Why is Inclusive Hiring Crucial?

Attracting Talent

86% of job seekers consider a company's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a key factor when evaluating job offers.

Expanding the Talent Pool

Inclusive hiring allows for a broader range of candidates, focusing on skills and experiences rather than educational background, thus giving your company a competitive edge.

Driving Business Success

According to a study by Josh Bersin, highly inclusive organisations have 2.3 times more cash flow per employee and are 120% more likely to meet their financial targets.

Reflecting Customer and Community Diversity

An inclusive workforce mirrors the diversity of the customers and communities you serve, enabling the creation of more inclusive products.I